Surveillance - S3 Aero Specialists

Helping to Minimize Risk and Maximize Value

There is risk involved at every turn within the aviation industry. S3 Aero Specialists have keen understanding of “the sky ahead” and can help navigate you to better buying and selling practices by assessing technical risk and minimizing loss while optimizing gains.

ASA Appraisals

Putting Value in Aero Valuations

Having an appraisal done is imperative to establishing value to your aviation property which enables you the opportunity to set fair sales price, garner appropriate insurances and tax valuations. An appraisal can make or break an individual or organization, so you want make sure you’re getting it done by a professional who knows what they’re doing and what they’re looking at (and for).  S3 Aero Specialists are that source. We’re ASA and USPAP certified making certain that our appraisal knowledge and breakdown is fair, unbiased, and, well, invaluable.

Portfolio Review/Monitoring

Aviation Portfolio Prep Fit to Your Specific Goals and Needs

S3 Aero Specialists goes to work for clients who wish to keep an organized, custom portfolio of aircrafts as a part of their general wealth portfolio. S3 works with you to decide what type of aircrafts you wish to have as an operative piece of your portfolio and will manage inventory and monitor industry valuation trends to make informed analysis decisions with or for you.

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