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First Class Service

There are many cases when our clients know what they want but don’t know how to get it. Further, there are those that want to get involved in the aviation industry, but don’t know the first steps, or really, what they’re looking for. We can help both of these cases get off the ground and into ideal aviation situations without turbulent transactions.

Client Representation

Clear Sky’s Ahead

Whether you’re a new buyer or are in need of aviation representation to manage your existing and/or budding portfolio, S3 Aero Specialists are proven, certified aviation professionals that works with your best interests in mind. In fact, those best interests are at the core of our business practices. We offer transparent, honest client representation that puts premium on safety and a spotlight on instrumental, unparalleled service. We have a keen knowledge of the industry and the aircrafts that make up the greater whole, so we know what to look for and when to look for it, at every single turn.

Air Worthiness / Registry Exchange

Working With You Every Step of the Way

The concept here is simple yet complicated. S3 Aero Specialists, at its core, works for the safety of the aviation industry to assure that aircrafts navigating our skies are up to spec to ensure the welfare of all those potentially effected by unsafe planes or helicopters. The truth is, not everyone in this industry works with the respect of others at the core of their operative mission.

S3 Aero Specialists works with our clients to make sure the aircraft they own or seek is worthy of flight. It’s a multi step process that utilizes a keen understanding of the industry and a vast degree of trust. Two traits on full-display in all of the projects we put in motion.

Once an aircraft is approved and deemed worthy of air travel, we’ll help you with the process of registering your aircraft, be it an old vessel seeking new registration or a newly acquired entity. Sometimes this can be tricky given the global nature of the marketplace, but we guarantee ease of transaction and the approval of the proper steps that follow.

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