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If It’s Not Safe Culture, It's Not Safe

Creating implementing and maintaining a dynamic safety culture is one that starts at the top and everyone in between has an active role in the overall safe culture of any aviation operation. S3 can help prepare you aviation operation in the role as an experienced safety consultant or perform an IBAC recognized IS-BAO or IS-BAH Stage I, II or III level audit.

Unbiased Aviation Audits for Fair,
Safety Fueled Results

S3’s custom audit standard provides the industry’s most comprehensive due diligence evaluation from an organizational and service maintenance standpoint on an aircraft by aircraft (and heck, flight by flight) basis. Our distinctive and meticulous audit program is designed to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of an integrated Safety Management System (SMS) program.

Benefits of a Custom S3 Aviation Audit Review include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of a flight operation and maintenance schedule
  • Enhanced operative practices, safety stature, processes and communications
  • Review of operations and maintenance policies, procedures, and documentation
  • Evaluation of overall effectiveness of integrated SMS program
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness analysis of programs
  • Reduction in overall rates and/or enhanced support from aviation insurance providers

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