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S3 Aero Specialists was conceived and founded on the basis of utilizing decades of diverse experience and serving aircraft owners, operators and fellow industry professionals alike while observing only the highest of standards recognized in the industry today. When seeking qualified representation for your private or commercial aviation needs take a moment to consider your options for the best possible representation. S3 Aero Specialists is continually vetted and put to task by the staple standards of the industry and continually maintains its competitive edge by continually demonstrating its proficiency.


Pre Audit “GAP” Analyses

IS-BAO / BAH Audits

Custom Safety Evaluations



ASA Appraisals

Portfolio Review/Monitoring

Technical Risk Analyses



Project Oversight


Technical Experts

No Panel Left Unturned

Where’s the value in your aircraft? Engagements of this caliber deserve proper investigation from wiper blades to engine dynamics. The details are imperative to understand the assessment and life of your investment. Work with a partner who will help ease the process and allow you to keep your head in the clouds.
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